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In association with the Confédération luxembourgeoise du commerce (clc), our experts have created a series of short, informative videos called

‘3 minutes with my lawyer’.

Each video deals with the current issues on a particular topic, answering questions that you as a business owner may have about it. For example, viewers can get vital clarification on subjects like working hours, the different types of companies, VAT, or even holidays and overtime.

Two new videos will be broadcast each month.


Forms of dismissal


3 minutes on forms of dismissal

Dismissal means the unilateral termination of an employment contract, at the employer’s initiative.

How does an employer declare a dismissal with notice? When can they dismiss an employee with immediate effect? And what about fixed-term employment contracts?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Louis Arendt.



Essential terms


3 minutes on essential terms

“Essential terms” deal with factors that were decisive for an employee in signing their employment contract.

What principles govern essential terms? What are the criteria for changing them? And when is a change considered unfavourable?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Kim Meis.



Vertical restraints


3 minutes on vertical restraints

Vertical restraints are restrictions on competition within agreements between companies or individuals at different levels of the supply chain.

But what is the difference between horizontal and vertical restraints? How do you assess their impact? And what was the “cookie”decision all about?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Fynn Dewald.



Confidentiality agreements or NDAs

3 minutes on confidentiality agreements or NDAs

Confidentiality agreements, also called non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), are instruments for communicating information to a certain party while prohibiting them from revealing it to anyone else.

What obligations do such agreements impose? Who can enter into them? How long do their effects last?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Faustine Cachera.



The right of personal portrayal


3 minutes on the right of personal portrayal

This right is intrinsically linked to the right to privacy, and means that images of a person can only be used with their permission.

So, how can current or former employees’ images be used? What about group photos, or other photos that people pose for? And company pictures needed for advertising campaigns?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Eloïse Patocki-Tomas.



The different forms of company in Luxembourg

3 minutes on different forms of company in Luxembourg

A company is a contract between people seeking to work together, but what kind of company should you found?
What is the difference between a partnership and a corporation? Which resources are needed for each?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Antoine Kremer.



Managing VAT implications at 'critical' moments for a business

3 minutes on VAT implications for businesses

There are 'critical' moments when VAT implications need to be managed. 

When do you register a business for VAT? What is subject to VAT? What are the requirements for VAT returns? What other options and declarations are available or even necessary?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Nicolas Conrad.



Converting a SARL into an SA

3 minutes on converting a SARL into an SA

How do you go about converting a SARL into an SA? Learn about contractual and financing flexibility. The steps to amend the articles of association. What financial statements and reports are required? Do you need a notary for this procedure? What happens after conversion?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Yannick Baer.



Working time

3 minutes on working time

Learn about the context and the fundamental principles of working hours.

What is overtime? Can you have people work on Sundays? Is flexibility a must?

Click on the video to get your answer, with Annabelle De Lima-Ted.

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