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Financial Crime has a global impact on every facet of a business and goes beyond fiscal and regulatory concerns; impacting brand, market reputation, competitive position, employee morale and client confidence. Advances in technology and an increase in highly skilled, organised and targeted attacks on companies is a concern for all institutions irrespective of size or maturity of their current processes.

Arendt has one of the largest dedicated teams in Luxembourg focusing on assisting clients in preparing for the fight against financial crime, and the action to take if you become a victim. This includes legal and regulatory advice such as AML/CTF as well as specialist support from Arendt’s Cyber and IT teams, our legal forensic experts as well as dispute resolution, crisis management and litigation teams.

service offering

Legal and Forensic

Our dedicated Banking, Financial Institution and Insurance team focuses on the legal aspects of financial crime, including:
– Fraud, investigations and disputes
– Litigation
– Contractual obligations
– Data protection
– Role of the Board and Governance
– Criminal proceedings
– Training


Arendt has a deep understanding of the regulatory environment in Luxembourg and our firm is well represented on regulatory committees and working groups.
– Breach notifications
– Sanctions
– Dawn Raids
– Training

Computer Forensic and Cyber security

Using leading edge technology, Arendt can process thousands of data points to quickly and efficiently build up a factual view of financial crime.
– IT and legal forensics
– Cyber security
     - Cyber incident management and resilience
     - Security maturity and risk assessment
– Crisis management

Tax compliance

A large dedicated team of tax lawyers, specialists and economists who understand the complex, often cross border, issues our clients face where tax compliance is a key.
– Tax structures
– Tax evasion and fraud
– Training

contact us: FinCrime@arendt.com

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Latest news

- 1 July 2022 - Article - Taking risk-sensitive measures to fight financial crime, Sandrine Périot - Paperjam
- 16 June 2022 - Article/Podcast - The challenges of Economic and Financial crimes, Stéphanie Lhomme, Sandrine Périot and Jean-Luc Putz - Paperjam
- 27 June 2022 - Article - “Preventing risks related to financial crime’’, Jean-Luc Putz - Paperjam
- 21 June 2022 - Article - “Investigate to establish the facts quickly and forensically”, Stéphanie Lhomme - Paperjam

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