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Arendt is pleased to launch its Case Law Forum, an annual cycle of complementary webinars each dedicated to one specific domain of law, which can be used as building blocks to design your own pattern of relevant precedents tailored to the profile and nature of your particular business.

Each webinar will present a selection of recent trends and developments observed in case law, highlighting practical implications and addressing questions from participants in real time in an interactive and lively dialogue. The webinars will be facilitated by a combination of experts originating from the various Arendt practice areas, placing the joined expertise of the entire Arendt legal universe at your service.

2021.04.06 - Bandeau ACLF - OK 

Arendt Case Law Forum - Leveraging on the entire bandwidth of Arendt’s legal expertise: our experts share practical lessons learned from the latest court decisions.

Domains covered throughout the series:

  • Employment law, pensions & benefits
  • Financial and insurance law
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Administrative law, property, construction & environment
  • Tax law
  • IP, IT and Data Protection
  • EU and competition law
  • Private wealth

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