e-Signature - our digital signature solution

This secure, mobile and time-saving cosec solution is now an integral part of our corporate and investor services expertise

Electronic signature is a tool that has become crucial to the continuing development of nearly every business activity.

It is the solution to the very real need expressed by our clients for access to a secure and efficient method of signing business documents at a distance. We have responded to this need by taking a further step on the path into digitalisation, in fully embedding electronic signatures into our CoSec service offering.

Today, more and more companies are in search of mobile solutions to speed up their businesses processes. Our eSignature platform is part of this dynamic.

Our solution aims to be perfectly intuitive, bringing ease to a complex technical process. We offer complete support, from guided on-boarding to full assumption of workflow control, to deliver finished documents signed with legal effect equivalent to that of a wet-ink signature.

Our digital signature solution powered by LuxTrust offers:

  • Access to our electronic signature platform
  • Signature certificates (incl. Qualified)
  • Tailored workflows
  • Video identification

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