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Service Model Description

SAMI (Software Assistant Management Information) is a multi-user application to facilitate the centralisation and administration of key Management Information in regulated companies such as Investment Fund Managers (IFMs).
SAMI allows the people managing the company or various internal control functions to apply tailored workflows underpinned by harmonised regulatory requirements, such as:

▪ the creation and maintenance of product references, as managed or marketed by the company
▪ follow-up on the different steps in initial and periodic due diligence processes for external counterparties, as well as the associated interval planning
▪ follow-up on incidents in connection with a specific relationship or product
▪ follow-up on service contract statuses and versions
▪ the mapping of countries in which individual products are distributed
▪ the assignment of counterparty risk ratings to allow management to decide on appropriate actions and oversight measures.

Data can be updated in SAMI by importing data templates, and reports can be generated from extracted Excel information.

SAMI may be used as a complement to digital solutions for DDQ administration and processing.

Value Proposition for Asset Managers

The successive financial crises of recent decades have underlined the need for financial sector actors to strengthen their governance, and the need for national authorities to strengthen their supervision.

Expectations for control, documentation of decisions and record-keeping have risen over time. For those involved in asset management, this implies the management of a colossal amount of information that is not always efficiently structured or systematically processed. The absence of an effective market standard, the vast silos of information and the absence of a standardised information exchange format greatly complicate the process of information management. Consequently, market players bear significant costs in terms of the resources that must be mobilised to manage this information and regulatory compliance and operational risk.

SAMI is a simple response to relieve major pain points, and to comply with Management Information and delegation oversight obligations.

SAMI is a central point of access through which Management Information is administered in order to ease and support risk assessment, documentation and reporting. It is also an efficient, user friendly delegation monitoring tool.

SAMI users can access and manage different centralised and customisable databases, while also keeping track of their delegation network.


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