Arendt Business Advisory (ABA), Arendt's dedicated management consulting firm,  offers a full range of economic, financial and business advisory services. The combination of our Advisory practice with Arendt’s established legal and fiscal services allows us to secure the legal compliance of our recommendations where needed.

ABA assists decision-makers in private organisations, family businesses and public entities, in sectors ranging from banking to renewable energy and manufacturing.

We operate locally as well as abroad, through Arendt’s global network and presence.

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About Arendt

About Arendt Business Advisory

A different approach to business advisory

We offer

  • Executive & Entrepreneurial Support
  • Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economic modeling & analysis
  • Planning, Operations & Performance

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Philippe Wery

Philippe Wery is the CEO of Arendt Business Advisory, Arendt & Medernach’s dedicated management consulting and advisory firm - the first of its kind to be found within a leading law firm in Europe. Offering a full range of economic, financial and business advisory services for both public and private organisations, Philippe acts as a personal advisor to decision makers in their executive, director or shareholder functions. Philippe is also a skilled negotiator in deal structuring and conflict resolution as well as in fund raising, leveraging on Arendt & Medernach’s strong investor network. Throughout his career, Philippe gained extensive experience in creating and managing new ventures and g...

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