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Jan 26, 2021
11:00 AM


Jan 26, 2021
12:30 PM
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The objective of the training is to introduce newly elected directors to the fundamentals of a bank's prudential and financial management.

The aim is to give directors from outside the financial sector the keys to understanding the principles of Basel III, the key ratios, their interpretation and how they contribute to the sound management of a bank. The training also deals with the responsibilities of board members with regard to risk monitoring and the bank's financial situation.

Upon completion of this training, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the Basel III framework, financial ratios and their meaning, as well as their accountability.

Please note that the training is not a technical sessions and is not intended to explain the calculation of ratios in detail.


  • About financial institutions (FIs), risk taking and profitability
    • The importance of risks, capital and profitability in the banking industry
  • The rise of prudential risk management for FIs
    • Background on the history of the Basel Agreements, their evolution and their objectives
  • Basel I to Basel III Framework
    • Basle I: key concepts (assets classes, RWA, CRA/Cook ratio, tier 1/tier 2,…), limits
    • Basle II: comparison with Basle I, key concepts (the three pillars, credit / market / operational risks, ...), calculation approaches (standard, advanced, …), limits
    • Basle III: comparison with Basle II, new features, key concepts on capital and liquidity (CRA, LCR, NSFR, Leverage ratio, …)
  • Managing risks on a day to day
    • The Risk Function
    • The responsibility of Directors in these matters
    • The reporting to supervision authorities
  • Conclusions: main take-aways
  • Latest developments: towards Basle IV and impacts

Our approach is business-oriented in order to help directors give the right interpretation to ratios and other measures, and thus be able to assume their responsibility with all the necessary judgment.


Denis Costermans (Lead Advisor, Banking and Financial Institutions, Arendt Business Advisory).

Target Group

  • Newly elected directors on boards of banking institutions
  • Directors in boards of financial institutions
  • Any professionals who need to understand the key principles of the bank's prudential and financial management


1.5 hours.






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