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Daily business often involves the production of countless documents. Whilst some may be similar, you will likely have to adapt each one to a specific policy, request, scenario or
company. This is something that automated technology can help you do efficiently. Arendt can support you in setting up the right solution.

efficient document automation made for you

Automation: transform your documents into intelligent templates

Arendt’s adaptable questionnaire captures key information and details to generate a bespoke document. You can work from Arendt’s high-quality automated templates, let us adapt your proprietary documents for you, or work with us to create new templates for your business.

Advantages: less time spent, more added value

- Create a line of consistent and accurate templates. The risk is managed, mistakes are avoided, and you save time that would normally be lost to multiple rounds of editing and formatting.
- When you let the system do the drafting, you reduce costs. This leaves time for document review and other work requiring skilled human intervention.
- Your documents are generated intelligently, applying the logic of previous versions and reusing stored data. That means every document for a given area is consistent.
- Manage documents faster: create or process high volumes efficiently.

Arendt by your side

Arendt offers a dedicated team of legal experts, legal engineers and paralegals. We offer a complete incorporation package for businesses including tailor-made services for the establishment, management and liquidation of funds and SPV’s, and understand the contracts, board procedures and every aspect of legal, financial and regulatory documentation that currently takes time to be drafted, processed, reviewed and changed. Arendt combines this expertise with the market’s leading automation solution: Contract Express, developed by Thomson Reuters.

Do you have specific questions on automation capability?

Benefit from Arendt know-how to:
- Get a complete audit of your production process and a customised automation proposal.
- Improve proprietary material: optimise your templates and get valuable legal input.

Your contacts

Alexander Olliges
Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions
T +352 40 78 78 300
Léa Jeanson
Senior Legal Engineer
Knowledge Management
T +352 40 78 78 7794

For more information or to audit your current document production, contact us:

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