COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Due to this ongoing pandemic, we have taken action in recent weeks to provide reassurance and protect the health and safety of our staff, clients, guests, suppliers and contractors. Following government guidelines and information provided by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, we previously asked all staff to work from home to ensure business continuity for our clients.

As from 11 May, we will now be gradually returning to the office.

The following protective measures have been taken both to ensure the safety of our employees while they are back at work and to provide the highest level of service to our clients:

Business Continuity 

  • As the pandemic situation evolves, our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is being continuously reviewed and adapted to the current state of affairs.
  • The Crisis Committee meets regularly to monitor the situation.
  • Our IT infrastructure guarantees the confidentiality, integrity, and the secure and proper functioning of our IT systems so that our staff can continue working remotely without interruption, while also maintaining a high level of security with respect to our clients’ data.
  • We continue to monitor client files on a daily basis.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology, we ensure ongoing communication between our teams to enable efficient and regular updates on the client projects in progress.
  • We are always at your disposal to answer questions or provide any information you may need.
  • The quality of service delivered remains a top priority.
  • Our front desk is open.
  • Telephone reception and mail delivery continue to be ensured.


  • Staff business travel and travel for events has been cancelled.

Internal Communication

  • A special Helpdesk has been set up to answer staff questions.
  • A dedicated Arendt BCP app has been rolled out to every employee phone (business or personal) so that staff can stay informed and can contact us if they experience any medical issues.
  • Any member of staff who develops fever, flu-like symptoms, cough or difficulty breathing has been instructed to stay home for 14 days and to inform the special Helpdesk as well as their direct supervisor. They are encouraged to seek medical attention, making sure to call in advance to help prevent the spread of viruses and other illnesses.
  • A special intranet site is in place where staff can read about the latest developments surrounding COVID-19. It also has links to information from national and international authorities.
  • To eliminate any risk of the virus spreading, all staff have been given safety instructions that must be followed when returning to the office.

Security & Safety

  • Our building remains completely safe and secure.
  • We have taken the measures recommended by the ASTF and supervisory bodies with regard to our ventilation systems. Since the beginning of the outbreak, air renewal at Arendt House has been done with 100% fresh air.
  • Some doors in high-traffic areas (restaurant, meeting rooms) are being kept open to limit the need to touch doorknobs.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers have been placed in common spaces.
  • New steps have been added to the cleaning regimen for our buildings so that door handles and other frequently touched surfaces are regularly disinfected.
  • All entrances have been secured and reminder signs about mask protocol have been put at each entrance. There are specific waste bins for masks on each floor.
  • Staff are required to respect the minimum physical safety distance of 2 meters. A mask must always be worn when circulating in the building.
  • No more than 2 people are allowed in the elevator at a time, and both must wear a mask.
  • The work and catering areas have been adapted to accommodate physical distancing and other behaviours to prevent the spread of illness.
  • External companies (maintenance, delivery, etc.) must fill in a Work Permit declaration with the obligations imposed by the Grand Ducal Regulation of 17 April 2020 regarding health and safety at work.
  • All sports activities have been cancelled.


  • Our staff should use videoconferencing, teleconferencing and webinars as far as possible.
  • Physical safety distance (2m) must be respected during all meetings.
  • Meeting with clients is allowed, subject to respecting the physical safety distance.


  • Events on our premises have been cancelled.
  • For public speeches, webinar or video are the preferred modes of delivery. 


We will closely monitor and regularly reassess the situation, keeping you informed of any adjustments to our procedures.

Should you have further questions, please contact us by sending an email to