As an employer, you are obliged to ensure the safety of your workforce and to guarantee a framework protecting the health of your employees. The recent outbreak and continuing threat of the Coronavirus/Covid 19 raises numerous questions, including to you as employer: we are here to assist you.

... with regard to your employees

• what are your responsibilities?
• when, how, can and should you inform them and on what ?
• what immediate measures need to be taken?
• what happens if an employee is placed in quarantine?
• what are the conditions for working remotely?
• how should you manage business trips from/to risk areas?
• how should you handle ethical questions?
• how can you prepare the replacement of team members?

... with regard to administrations/authorities

• what must you declare?
• what help can you request from the authorities?
• how to deal with social security?
• which consequences will remote working measures imply?

How we can assist you



We offer a single helpdesk in order to answer your questions and ensure your safety and compliance with the laws and regulations surrounding the Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis.

Contact our helpdesk at: EmpCrisis@arendt.com

The helpdesk will be committed to reverting to you within 24 hours.


Extension of deadlines for holding general meetings, filing and publication of annual accounts

As part of its targeted efforts to mitigate the negative effects of the Covid-19 outbreak in Luxembourg, Parliament adopted a law on 12 May 2020 to introduce a set of temporary measures in relation to accounting and filing requirements in Luxembourg.

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Corporate Governance and liabilities of the management body