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Dec 11, 2019
4:00 PM


Dec 11, 2019
4:45 PM
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The Tax Partners of Arendt & Medernach have the pleasure to invite you to their Transfer Pricing (“TP”) webinar. With an increasing number of countries having TP legislations in place, TP is becoming complex and crucial all at once. This growing complexity for companies with cross-border operation in a globalised and more transparent world has made TP controversies a reality in many multinational companies’ day-to-day business.


Luxembourg now has a body of TP case law, and further litigation is pending. Tax Partner Alain Goebel and Senior Transfer Pricing Economist Danny Beeton will offer guidance on how to negotiate the changing regulatory environment.


The webinar will focus on practical examples and answer questions from participants.


The discussion will be wide-ranging, and cover the following issues:

- What is the Luxembourg Tax Administration auditing and which challenges do they make?
- What has happened when these cases have come to court?
- Which future challenges could be expected given recent high profile international cases and changes to the international tax conventions?
- Which options are available to taxpayers to resolve TP controversies?
- What can taxpayers do to avoid TP controversies in the first place?


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