Corporate Governance Centre - Legal

a unique approach to corporate governance

As the largest law firm in Luxembourg you would expect a comprehensive range of legal services focused on corporate governance issues. Where we go further is in our ability to deploy teams on site to provide forensic services, guidance on dawn raids and crisis management. These areas require skills that often sit outside the core competencies of a law firm, and we are able to draw upon a mixture of skills and resources from within accounting, legal, regulatory, IT and PR backgrounds to provide critical support.

Legal - Range of services we can offer

  • Contractual Framework
    • Management agreement / Indemnity agreement
    • Directors and Officers insurance

  • Criminal prosecution
    • White collar crimes, administrative sanctions

  • Fraud
    • White collar crimes, financial analysis

  • Competition law
    • General legal advice
    • Anti-trust concentration investment procedures

  • EU Corporate Govenance
    • Advice on upcoming EU legislation and impacts on national law (ex. shareholder rights directives, EU green paper on corporate governance etc.)

  • On-site inspection or 'Dawn Raids'
    • Dawn raid policy (rules & procedures on actions to be taken in case of dawn raid), advice, memoranda

  • Forensic analysis & Crisis management
    • Compliance team able to compile forensic analysis
    • Crisis management strategy guidance


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