Corporate Governance Centre - Regulatory & Tax

a unique approach to corporate governance

A complex area where understanding what is over the horizon is just as important as knowing what matters right now. Our team are entrenched in the regulatory environment and sit on Boards, Committees and Sub Groups where these topics are discussed and debated at a National level. This means we are well placed to advise on specific areas that impact or will impact your business and need to be considered at your Board level.

Regulatory & Tax - Range of services we can offer

  • Tax environment
    • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) health check
    • Testing local tax substance
    • Dedicated newsflash on case law relevant to your particular structure
    • Tax support related to your remuneration package
    • DAC 6

  • Interaction with Public Authorities
    • Assistance with regard to interactions with the CSSF (e.g. sanction letter)
    • Assistance in interactions with the Luxembourg tax authorities

  • Regulatory and Compliance support
    • Assistance with the preparation for/attendance to a BOD meeting
    • Legal advice relating to the composition and functioning of the BOD/daily management/internal control functions

  • Policies and procedures
    • Drafting/review of terms of reference for the functioning of the BOD and/or committees
    • Drafting/review of internal governance procedure, compliance charter, compliance policy, internal audit policy, risk policy, etc.
    • Drafting/review of internal rule of conduct

  • Regulatory approval
    • Assistance with the approval procedure with the CSSF (authorisation of regulated entities), resignation, nomination, revocation of board members


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