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High-quality legal services, essential for industry players

Over the past few years, the investment industry has faced waves of regulatory change affecting not only investment funds, but also asset managers and other service providers. High-quality legal services have become essential for industry players to deal with the major changes impacting their business development, strategy and organisation.

In-depth expertise

Arendt's investment management practice is the market leader in Luxembourg thanks to the expert advice it provides, combining pragmatism and in-depth knowledge of the sector. Our clients encompass all kinds of firms, from small start-ups to niche boutiques and the biggest international asset managers.

This diversity means we work on a comprehensive range of funds, encompassing UCITS and alternative investment funds, strategies ranging from plain vanilla stock-picking to sophisticated use of complex instruments, and assets including money market instruments and stocks, as well as less traditional investments such as carbon emissions, vessels, artworks and royalties.

Our expertise is derived also from our strong long-term relationship with industry regulator Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), built through daily contact and involvement in strategic committees and working groups. Our active involvement in the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) enables us to voice our clients' concerns and ensure they are adequately addressed.

With a deep pool of legal expertise in our investment fund practice and representative offices in other leading financial centres including London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris, we are ready to assist our clients however innovative or complex their projects may be.

A unique complementary approach

Our investment management lawyers assist in every step of the project, working to find the structure that best meets the regulatory, strategic, marketing and operational requirements. With help from our tax department, we can also guide you in structuring the fund in the most efficient way.

We can be at hand throughout the lifetime of a fund, from the adoption of new strategies to the deployment of new assets, helping negotiate regulatory changes and ensuring clients are aware of new measures that may affect their structures or business model. We are available to respond to any unforeseen events, or simply to assist with the day-to-day operation of the fund.

Pragmatism is a key quality for our investment management experts. As regulatory and market changes continue, clients need to be able to rely on specialists that understand their ideas, views, objectives and issues.

Our investment management team works closely with Arendt Regulatory & Consulting, which offers regulatory advice and consultancy services, and a full range of economic, financial and business advisory services for both public and private organisations. They provide fund industry professionals and asset managers with a practical approach to compliance, fund distribution, business and operations, and governance.

Our complementary approach, unique in Luxembourg, enables Arendt to offer legal advice combined with real operational benefits and efficient regulatory solutions.

Governance for the funds industry 

Learn more about the Arendt Corporate Governance Centre here_

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Strengths - Client feedback

"The Arendt team is very good at handling complex and sophisticated matters. The lawyers usually provide very structured and efficient solutions to complex matters."

"The team responds in timely manner, with depth to its knowledge."

"They are first rate at public fund regulatory work. Their advice is detailed, commercial and sensible."

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