Conducting Officer

Patrice Mesnier is a Conducting Officer and a Member of the Management Committee at AManco, where he is in charge of promoting and developing business activity. 

During his extensive career within the financial industry, Patrice has developed wide-ranging knowledge and deep expertise in private capital, ranging from fundraising, investment and divestment, to more operational activities.

He held strategic C-level positions as an Asset Manager (Private Equity Fund of Funds and Venture Capital) and then as an Asset Servicer in a well-known international bank, where he was primarily responsible for setting and leading the global strategy and business development for private assets. He also held VC Board Member and Executive Board Member positions.

Prior to moving into Private Capital, Patrice spent several years in the capital markets industry as an Inter-Dealer Broker and Futures Trader.

Patrice holds a Master’s degree in Capital Markets and Financial Instruments from the ITM (Institut des Techniques de Marchés) in Paris (France).

Languages: English, French.