Risk assessment of fund distribution

This training session addresses the following issues: how to practically determine a risk-based approach for the monitoring of fund distribution? How to identify clear areas of risk in a distribution model by putting in place simple data reconciliations?

Training Session

Jun 6, 2023
9:00 AM


Jun 6, 2023
1:00 PM
Arendt House
41A, Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-2082 Luxembourg-Kirchberg



Luxembourg is the leading fund cross-border distribution center of Europe. Such leading position forces Luxembourg fund managers and global distributors to acquire the necessary keys and tools to comprehend the multiple relationships and risks linked to the fund distribution. The objective of this training is to provide participants with a clear and concise understanding of these risks and to develop a holistic internal risk management framework for fund distribution.


During the training, we will particularly review the topics below. We will demonstrate how they relate to each other and display the reasons why this calls into question a compartmentalized management of these different subjects.

  • Cross-border authorization
    • Cross-border distribution is a reality for most of the asset managers and it may turn into high cost and complexity if it is not properly organized and managed. (the training will include some key CBDF considerations)
  • Monitoring the Distributors
    • From one distribution model to another, the nature of the risks and the controls to perform can be very different. What are the main risks attached to intermediation?
  • Distribution Contracts Management
    • In terms of distribution, different types of contract and different models exist. Such diversity creates in itself a potential risk for organizations. How to improve risk control in this area?
  • Remuneration of Distributors/ Inducements Restrictions
    • The operational complexity and reasons for controlling the distributors’ remuneration.
  • AML / KYC
    • Insight on the money laundering risks and investment fund manager’s obligations vis-à-vis transfer agents and direct investors.
  • Documentation Compliance and Dispatch
    • Controls to put in place to meet regulatory requirements and local marketing rules.

A special focus will be placed on interaction with participants as well as on question and answer sessions.


Nicolas Deldime (Partner, Arendt Regulatory & Consulting),

Target Group

Members of control teams in a management company or global distributors.


4 hours.






For more information, please contact us by e-mail at institute@arendt.com

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Nicolas Deldime

Nicolas Deldime is a Partner at Arendt Regulatory & Consulting (ARC). He was a Director in the consulting practice of a Big Four company, before joining Arendt Regulatory & Consulting in 2012. Nicolas has in-depth expertise in financial sector regulation and its impact on business, gained in servicing numerous banks, funds and asset managers. He notably provides advisory services in relation to MiFID, fund distribution operations, business and license transformation. Nicolas holds a master's degree in Law from the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium).

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