BCL Reporting

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This training session ensures participants gain solid knowledge on reporting obligations, the content of reports and that they deepen their understanding by concrete practical cases. 



  • Summary of the reporting obligations of securitisation vehicles, financial companies and investment funds towards BCL
  • Threshold on exemption and use of the data
  • Description of the reports applicable to securitisation vehicles, financial companies and investment funds as well as related filings deadlines
    • Securitisation vehicles (reporting TPTTBS, S2. 14 and S 2.15)
    • Financial companies (reporting TPTIBS, S2. 16 and S 2.17)
    • Investment funds (reporting TPTOBS, S1.3 & S2 .13 and S 1.6)
  • Practical cases 


Our speakers belong to our specialised and complementary teams and as such cover all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. We invite you to check our training agenda where the speakers are listed on each training session.

Target Group

The target audience includes accountants, legal officers, …and everybody who would like to familiarise themselves with BCL reporting obligations.


1,5 hours.


English, French  (in customised format)

For more information please contact us by e-mail at institute@arendt.com

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Jérôme is Director of Quality Control at Arendt Services. He gained considerable experience working with institutional and corporate clients and their Luxembourg structures since 2005, particularly in the fields of private equity, real estate and securitisation, and serves since few years as a director of numerous Luxembourg investment entities. Jérôme started his professional career in 2002 in France and joined a Luxembourg chartered public accounting firm in 2005. In 2010, he then worked for a professional of the Luxembourg financial sector as manager being responsible of the accounting, corporate and tax compliance matters of a portfolio of Luxembourg entities (private equity, real estate...

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