• Learn how to analyse annual accounts prepared according to Lux GAAP;
  • Become familiar with the basic principles of Luxembourg tax law;
  • Learn the different types of direct taxes;
  • Identify the taxpayers concerned by the Luxembourg tax declaration;
  • Determine the tax base of a Luxembourg company;
  • Acquire a profound understanding of the 500 form;
  • Master the reporting aspects of a Luxembourg company;
  • Learn how to fill in the tax declaration of a Luxembourg company;
  • Learn the administrative procedures subsequent to the tax declaration (taxation, pre-litigation remedies, etc.);


  • Examination and tracking of the annual accounts of a Luxembourg company;
  • Review of the basic principles of Luxembourg tax law;
  • Explanations of the various taxes for which a tax declaration is required;
  • Who is required to file a tax declaration?
  • How are the different taxes of a Luxembourg company calculated? (IRC, JCC, IF)?
  • Preparation of a tax declaration and detailed explanation of each part relating thereto;
  • Details of the stages of taxation;
  • Practical cases;


Our speakers come from all over our specialised and complementary teams, covering all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. We invite you to check our training agenda where the speakers are listed on each training session.

Target audience

Accountants, chartered accountants, tax experts, tax advisors, conducting officers of Luxembourg companies, financial directors, staff of fiduciaries, etc.


2 days.



For any information, please contact us by e-mail institute@arendt.com

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Stéphanie Lahaye

Stéphanie Lahaye is Head of Tax Solutions at Arendt Services. Prior to joining Arendt Services, she used to work as tax manager within a big four firm in Luxembourg. She also worked as Director within an audit firm in Luxembourg in tax compliance department. She is a Luxembourg chartered accountant, who studied in a management school in Belgium.

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