The training aims to provide participants with a structured overview of the most authoritative accountancy doctrine, namely the advice of the Accounting Standards Commission, including Q & A.


The mission of the Accounting Standards Commission is to:

a) provide all advice to the Government upon the latter’s request, or made by an accountancy initiative that is applicable to companies that this law is aimed at, particularly in relation to book-keeping, annual accounts and consolidated accounts;

b) contribute, where appropriate, to the development of an accountancy doctrine, by means of general advice or recommendations;

c) participate in debates relating to matters of accountancy in European and international bodies;

d) to undertake all missions entrusted to it by law

The training will methodically review in context all the advice issued by the Accounting Standards Commission (including Q & A).


Our speakers come from all over our specialised and complementary teams, covering all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. We invite you to check our training agenda where the speakers are listed on each training session.

Target audience

Accounting and auditing professionals, tax advisors, barristers, corporate lawyers.


3 hours.


French (course material in English)

For any information, please contact us by e-mail institute@arendt.com

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