Born in the French Provence in 1965, Bruno Baltzer enters the world of photography at the age of 21, working as an assistant in a big fashion and publicity studio in Paris.

He completes his apprenticeships with renowned photographers Nick Knight and Javier Valhonrat, before moving to Luxembourg in 1995 where he sets up his own studio in the rue des Trèves.  Bruno Baltzer develops an apparent predilection for urban spaces.

After midnight - Reconstruction_0509035
After midnight - Reconstruction_0509012
After midnight - Reconstruction_0509013
After midnight - Reconstruction_0509024
After midnight - Reconstruction_0509016
After midnight - Reconstruction_0509062
After midnight - Reconstruction_0509020
After midnight - Reconstruction_0509066
After midnight - Reconstruction_0508212
After midnight - Reconstruction_0409865
After midnight - Reconstruction_0509027