Discover our brochure "multinational companies: luxembourg, an unrivalled gateway to europe".

Table of contents of the brochure:

Foreword: About Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a favourable environment

  • A key hub at the centre of Europe
  • Excellent infrastructure and logistical network
  • A politically stable environment favourable for business
  • Research and innovation, a priority for the Luxembourg government
  • Attractive tax and legal environment
  • Top level financial centre
  • A competent, multilingual labour pool renowned for its efficiency
  • High quality of life and safe country

Some specific legal and tax advantages offered by Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg SOPARFIs
  • Group financing and cash-pooling activities
  • Securitisation transactions
  • Financing: high level of protection granted by Luxembourg law
  • Luxembourg: a domicile for properties
  • VAT related advantages
  • Intellectual property (IP) activities
  • Captive reinsurance: how groups can efficiently manage their risks
  • Pension funds: a secured and flexible environment for cross-border pension vehicle

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