This brochure is an overview of Private Wealth in Luxembourg, provided by our experts. Click on the link below to download the full brochure.

Table of contents

I. Introduction

  1. Luxembourg in a nutshell
  2. Wealth structuring: Solutions to address the client’s concerns
  3. Luxembourg, a business-oriented environment

II. Fiscal environment

  1. Overview of the taxation rules for individuals
  2. Transparency and exchange of information
  3. Overview of the taxation rules for corporate entities

III. Migration to Luxembourg

  1. Transfer of residence
  2. Migration of seat for companies

IV. Private wealth structuring options and solutions

  1. Overview and key features
  2. Overview of the different corporate tools
  3. Overview of the different contractual tools

V. Real estate

  1. Luxembourg resident individuals owning Luxembourg real estate
  2. Non-resident individuals with real estate property located in Luxembourg

VI. Transmission of wealth in Luxembourg

  1. Overview of Luxembourg property law
  2. Overview of Luxembourg matrimonial property law
  3. Overview of Luxembourg inheritance and gift law
  4. Inheritance issues from an international perspective
  5. Philanthropic actions in Luxembourg


Double tax treaty network

Investment Protection Treaties concluded by the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union

Summary table - Luxembourg vehicles

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