Arendt Seminar

Jul 5, 2016
12:00 AM


Jul 5, 2016
12:00 AM
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"​Who has not been lucky enough to receive a box of chocolates offered by a commercial partner at the end-of-year festivities, or an invitation to a business seminar or dinner, or even, with the European football championship currently foremost in our minds, a ticket to attend a football match? 

In the context of Les Midis de l’Entreprise, we have decided to focus on the rules of the commercial practice of business gifts, which is part of the normal play of economic competition and which seems to be tolerated on condition that certain limits and rules are adhered to and respected.

How does one distinguish a commercial gift from a benefit linked tocorruption?

How does corporate interest play a role when choosing a gift?

In practice, it is evident that there is growing interest in ethical charters and other codes of good conduct which govern receiving business gifts. What is the point of putting in place these specific internal rules and codes of good conduct?

We will go through these themes with you in order to ensure that business gifts are indeed presents and don’t end up poisoning you.

You can find here all the details concerning this event which will take place on 6 July (previously in Frenchon 29 June).

The speakers at this conference will furthermore be available to answer your questions relating to business gifts within the framework of business relationships:Ari Gudmannsson,François KremerandClara Mara-Marhuenda.


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