Operations and Transformation

Investing in the future through transformational change

A transformation agenda is an investment in the future. For Arendt, it is vital to manage this professionally, given the strategic, economic and organisational stakes for the firm. The significant constraints stemming from its wide-ranging scope and multiple players make a transformation programme highly complex and cross-cutting, requiring management to match.

The mission of Arendt’s dedicated operations and transformation department is to implement mechanisms to ensure the firm's transformation programmes are a success. The department works on a range of intra- and inter-departmental operational projects to improve management techniques and induce dynamic change within the firm's management culture by:

  • Leading transformation and operational changes within business and support teams, and ensuring adequate mobilisation of resources to achieve the programmes’ objectives.
  • Connecting business and support service action plans to ensure that all practice areas and business services are moving in the same direction.
  • Facilitating the establishment of practice area operational action plans and integrating transformation into the firm's business vision to clarify the meaning and purpose of all its processes.