Facilities and Logistics

Ensuring the optimum working environment

Producing excellent work requires the right tools and the optimum physical environment. The aim of our facilities and logistics team is to provide the best possible working environment for both members of staff and our clients. This means continuously adapting the installations and equipment within Arendt's buildings to provide a comfortable, efficient environment offering peace of mind and ease of concentration for everyone working there, enabling them to work and collaborate more effectively.

The primary objective of the team is to ensure the well-being and security of everyone working on our premises, whether Arendt employees or clients.

The team is in charge of buildings, ensuring the efficiency and durability of their equipment; logistics, as the central provider to our premises and related services; and hospitality for internal and external clients.

Our approach, putting our expertise at the service of the entire staff through a centralised platform, enables us to deliver solutions tailored to every challenge and react swiftly but cost-effectively to any issues that arise.