Liquidation services

A complete suite of services to support clients at every stage of liquidating a company or a fund: from providing advisory services to acting as liquidator.

    we assist with

Standard and simplified liquidations

  • General advice / expert opinions on liquidation
  • Drafting corporate documentation
  • Organising shareholders’ meetings
  • Acting as a liquidator
  • Valuing assets
  • Preparing financial statements in Lux GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP and cash flow projection
  • Liquidation of operational / holding companies
  • Litigation with investors / third parties
  • Liquidation of assets (liquid / illiquid)
  • Interim management
  • Tax advice / preparing tax returns
  • Project management, including liaising with other relevant parties (public authorities, notaries, auditors, etc.) and help with filing and publications

Liquidation of regulated entities

  • Liaising with the supervisory authority for liquidator’s approval
  • Specialised Arendt entity approved on numerous occasions as a liquidator by supervisory authorities
  • Ongoing reporting to supervisory authorities
  • Marketing deregistration of liquidated investment funds

Liquidation of sub-funds

  • General advice / expert opinions on sub-fund liquidation
  • Liaising with the CSSF (where applicable)
  • Drafting corporate documentation

Training courses


about us

a team of experts to guide you through

We are a diverse team of specialists in liquidation assistance.
We provide legal and tax advice, liquidators’ services, accounting, corporate, tax, compliance services and valuation services.
We have a dedicated Arendt entity acting as liquidator.


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