Government and Public Bodies

Hands-on experience to help public bodies deal with complex issues

Arendt has extensive expertise in working with public bodies of all types, including the Luxembourg state, municipalities and regulators.

Our expertise in all areas of Luxembourg business law as well as our hands-on experience in its daily application within the private and public sectors enable us to help the Luxembourg state, its ministries and institutions effectively in both long-term and short-term issues and specifically:

  • legal and regulatory consequences of international developments, such as the UK’s departure from the EU
  • drafting of legislation
  • day-to-day challenges including administrative law, public procurement, employment law and litigation

Municipalities and other local organisations often face complex legal matters, encompassing elements of administrative and civil law. These include issues regarding investment undertaken by public authorities and administrative procedures affecting them in their capacity as a business partner active in stimulating and developing economic activity within their domain.

We serve numerous municipalities and local government bodies as regular clients in areas including:

  • general administrative law
  • public procurement law
  • construction law and urban planning (including general and specific development plans)
  • environment law

Regulators face new challenges in a wide range of sectors, from banking and electronic payments to investment management, insurance, energy and telecommunications, as well as the need to keep pace with innovation and disruptive new technologies, including blockchain, electric cars and mobile apps.

In this fast-moving and increasingly complex environment, we can assist regulators fulfil their obligations thanks to our deep expertise in highly-regulated sectors:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Transport (including road, rail and air)
  • Energy (including electricity, gas and emissions)
  • Communications
  • Postal services
  • Data protection

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