Strategic Vision:

  • Conducting market research and competitive analysis to identify trends and opportunities
  • Defining the business model and developing a business case to ensure alignment with strategic objectives
  • Conducting benchmarking and pricing assessments to identify areas for improvement and optimization
  • Defining the value proposition for the organization to ensure alignment with customer needs and expectations

 Operating Model Review:

  • Reviewing the current set-up and identifying gaps in light of new regulations or system implementations
  • Assessing the operational framework and processes and making recommendations for target processes or an operating model that meets the organization's goals
  • Identifying opportunities for process optimization and improvement to increase efficiency and effectiveness

 Provider/Solution Selection:

  • Managing the RfP process to select a system that meets the organization's business objectives, including Cloud, Blockchain, and DLT technology
  • Managing the RfP process to select a solution service provider for application, platform, or infrastructure services
  • Managing the RfP process to select an Asset Servicer for an IFM
  • Conducting benchmarking and pricing assessments to ensure the organization receives optimal value
  • Organizing demo sessions and meetings with vendors to ensure an informed decision-making process
  • Providing recommendations on the selected tool or provider

Project & Program Management:

  • Defining program/project key milestones to ensure alignment with strategic objectives
  • Setting up, preparing, and leading program meetings, including steering committee and stream meetings
  • Reviewing and validating the delivery roadmap with program sponsors and key stakeholders

Managing the program/project budget, scope, and timeline to ensure successful delivery.

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