Today Boards need to implement regular self-assessment exercise, so as to check the adequacy of the Board functioning.

Performance measurements in the form of a Board assessment helps increase the Board’s effectiveness, maximising strengths, tackling weaknesses, improving corporate relationships and triggering changes, when appropriate. It is a powerful tool to convert good Boards into great Boards.

Our regulatory consulting expertise driven by Arendt Regulatory & Consulting S.A. (ARC) has created a simple, non-judgmental online tool that helps Boards in their self-assessment, and enables the Board to quickly and easily gather feedbacks from their members, on the basis of a dedicated customisable questionnaire, and thus to save time for value-added discussion in the Board room.

Our tool:

  • helps Boards in their self-assessment,
  • provides a dedicated customizable questionnaire,
  • enables to quickly gather feedbacks from Board members,
  • simplify communication to Board members of consolidated results thanks to AssessYourBoard dashboard


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