An organisation should deliver according to its Planning & Budgeting and justify its performance on a regular basis. The key to running operations efficiently or launching a new project is to plan for all steps, anticipate any risks or constraints and engage the right people across the organisation. Implementing a zero-based budgeting approach or taking into account new parameters such as externalities (environmental/socially-based) can improve the organisation’s overall efficiency and agility.

To assess if your decisions have been implemented according to plan, Performance Measurement is a necessary but often misapplied step. Our advisors help assess the robustness of your key performance indicators. Interdependently with our solution Sustainable Value Creation, we also measure performance relative to operational levers (revenue, cost, fixed assets, human resources, brand image or external value streams).

An organisation’s success depends, among other things, on its capacity to use financial resources efficiently. This entails the implementation of a structured and continuous Cost Management policy. Our experts help you reconstruct or devise your cost management policy, via the implementation of analytical cost accounting and reporting policies or cost optimisation policies at all levels of the organisation.

We apply an End-2-End approach to assess and implement Process Improvement. We assist in the daily management and continuous optimisation of your operations applying techniques combining organisational and process design, lean management and the interdependencies applied in Enterprise Resource Planning programmes. Starting with quick wins, we set up the path for structural change, involving people, processes, systems and stakeholders, including corporate and legal compliance.

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Pascal Heuschling

Pascal Heuschling is a Lead Advisor of Arendt Business Advisory, Arendt & Medernach’s dedicated management consulting and advisory firm - the first of its kind to be found within a leading law firm in Europe. Pascal’s focus is on strategic transformation, innovative business models and sustainable value creation: why to explore, decide and act transversally; how to transform societal challenges into new business opportunities; what to do step by step with a tailored and agile approach. Active for more than 18 years in multidisciplinary teams and in organisations with complex stakeholder interactions, Pascal gained extensive experience leading strategic initiatives and implementing the change...

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