Corporate & accounting services

Corporate administration and accounting services for companies in Luxembourg

Corporate administration services

Our Corporate & Investors services expertise offers a wide range of services related to the incorporation and administration of companies in Luxembourg. Companies are provided with a registered office or a dedicated office space, in accordance with their requirements. Furthermore, related corporate services such as the organisation of board and shareholders’ meetings, maintenance of accurate statutory records and oversight of all regulatory filings are also offered. If required, qualified resident directors/managers may also be provided to your company.

  • Corporate services_
  • Split pay-roll employee
  • Trade and Companies Register filing and reports
  • Depositary of bearer shares
  • Fully equiped offices lease
  • Sale of « shelf » companies
  • Nominee shareholder/initial limited partner
  • Provision of a registered office
  • Opening of Luxembourg bank accounts

Accounting services

Our Corporate & Investors services expertise assists you in Luxembourg in a wide range of accounting related matters.

Our main services include local bookkeeping, preparation of statutory accounts in accordance with local GAAP, tailor-made and specialised financial reporting, liquidation accounts and the preparation of full consolidated accounts under local GAAP and IFRS

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of financial statements under LuxGAAP and IFRS
  • Preparation of consolidated accounts
  • Financial reporting
  • eCDF filing

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Véronique Marty

Véronique Marty is a member of the Management Committee of Arendt Services where she specialises in corporate administration. She is a regular trainer with Arendt Institute on this topic. Véronique first joined Arendt & Medernach in 2006, as an associate specialising in corporate law, where she advised private equity firms, hedge funds and real estate funds on the structuring and financing of international transactions, corporate reorganisations and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to Arendt, Véronique further gained 4 years of work experience as a lawyer in a law firm based in New Orleans (U.S.A.) and 2 years as a tax advisor in a former Big Four firm based in Barcelona (Spain). Véronique Ma...

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