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ESG in the insurance sector - CAA follow-up on inclusion of climate change risk scenarios ...

On 24 January 2023, the Commissariat aux Assurances (“CAA”) published Information Note 23/2 about the inclusion of climate change risk scenarios in th...

The CSSF’s data collection exercise due for submission on 2 March 2023

The CSSF has launched a new SFDR data collection exercise for investment fund managers. The deadline for submission is 2 March 2023. Get Ready.

Index increase from 1 February 2023

From 1 February 2023, the index applicable to employee wages increases from 877.01 to 898.93. This leads to a 2.5% increase in the gross salary paid t...

Tax 2023: What to expect - Discover the recordings of the webinar series

Discover or re-discover the recordings of our annual tax event which took place as a series of webinars

Acquisition by exceet Group SCA of the APEX group

exceet Group SCA acquired the APEX group. Arendt advised exceet Group SCA and its major shareholders from a Luxembourg corporate, capital market and s...

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