Our team advises clients on general commercial matters, as well as creditors and other stakeholders on situations involving financial difficulties of a corporate debtor.

1. General commercial matters

A dedicated and experienced team provides high level services in the field of commercial law for all types of companies whether public or private, local or international.

We assist in the drafting, review and implementation of the terms of any agreements, including, but not limited to

  • Commercial agreements;
  • General terms and conditions of sale;
  • Distribution agreements;
  • Marketing and supplier agreements;
  • Licensing and franchising agreements;
  • Commercial agencies contracts;
  • Brokerage contracts;
  • Commercial services agreements.

Furthermore, our lawyers provide legal advice and assistance in the following sectors and topics:

  • Business licenses;
  • Online business;
  • Electronic signature;
  • Consumer protection;
  • Transport.

In addition our team works in close cooperation with their colleagues from other Practices Areas in order to address numerous commercial topics related to their field of expertise, including

  • Administrative Law, Property, Construction & Environment;
  • Banking & Financial Services;
  • Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Employment Law, Pensions & Benefits;
  • EU Financial & Competition Law;
  • Insurance and Reinsurance Law;
  • IP, Communication & Technology;
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution.


2. Restructuring & Insolvency

At Arendt, we also have dedicated experts for restructuring and insolvency (R&I) work including out-of-court and court restructurings and insolvency proceedings, as well as cases involving foreign jurisdictions.

We develop creative solutions to preserve value for creditors, as well as for business owners.

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Strategic advice and legal solutions

Our R&I team works in close collaboration with Arendt Services (AS), Arendt’s corporate and investors services company, specialised in domiciliation, corporate secretary, business creation and liquidations, as well as with Arendt Business Advisory (ABA), Arendt’s dedicated advisory and management consulting firm specialised in strategic and entrepreneurial support, corporate finance, sustainability analysis, crisis negotiation and turnaround/restructuring management.

In-depth expertise

Our team of dedicated experts provides efficient and comprehensive advice to all intervening parties facing situations of financial difficulties, restructuring or insolvency proceedings, i.e.:

  • Advice on the investment in and disposal of distressed companies or assets
  • Advice on the restructuring of portfolio companies
  • Advice on liability and voidance claims
  • Valuation of assets (ABA)
  • Restructuring and turnaround plans (ABA)
Creditors (financial institutions, debt funds, bondholders, suppliers)
  • Advice to lenders in secured and unsecured financings to distressed companies
  • Representation at creditors’ committees and bondholders’ meetings
  • Advice on debt-for-equity swaps
  • Application towards a debtor’s bankruptcy
  • Advice on liability and voidance claims
Distressed businesses
  • Advice on contingency planning, debts maturities, liquidity shortfall
  • Advice on restructurings with major stakeholders
  • Assistance with the refinancing of external debt
  • Insolvency filings
  • Social plans and related employment law matters
  • Valuation of assets (ABA)
  • Restructuring and turnaround plans (ABA)
  • External liquidator, including for illiquid assets (AS)
Board members
  • Advice in relation to personal liability claims
  • Assistance in criminal law matters
  • Board mandates / Interim management of distressed companies (AS/ABA)
Receivers, liquidators, administrators and other insolvency practitioners
  • General assistance to foreign insolvency practitioners
  • Assistance to local receivers and liquidators in relation to matters requiring specialised expertise and/or resources
  • Valuation of assets (ABA)
  • Restructuring and turnaround plans (AS)
Our global service offering also encompasses the following additional areas of work:
  • General advice on the conditions and consequences of an insolvency
  • State aid advice in relation to restructurings
  • Representation before local and foreign courts
  • Expert opinions on Luxembourg law matters for foreign courts
  • Advice on tax matters in the context of a distressed investment or business
  • Corporate services in relation to takeover of distressed companies (AS)
  • Preparation of financial statements and cash flow projection (AS)

Our integrated approach, unique in the Luxembourg legal landscape, enables Arendt to offer legal advice combined with operational consulting and crisis management solutions.

A guide offering an overview of the global restructuring market in 2020. Our experts Grégory Minne, Clara Mara-Marhuenda and Sébastien Binard are the authors of the Luxembourg chapter.

A guide offering an in-depth review of market conditions and insolvency case developments in key countries around the world. Our experts Grégory Minne, Clara Mara-Marhuenda and Sébastien Binard are the authors of the Luxembourg chapter.

An article providing an overview of the current general legal framework in Luxembourg for reorganisation proceedings as well as of the upcoming reform of such proceedings which is due to be formally adopted in the coming months.

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