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Economic, financial and business advisory services.

[NEW] Luxembourg Bank and FinTech Study for 2020 released

Our Business Advisory expertise, with the collaboration and support of the ABBL,  carried out a study to analyse the bottlenecks to the development of FinTechs on the part of both FinTechs and banks, the quick wins and the difficulties encountered based on their first experiences, as well as the major success factors that could be leveraged in future cooperation.

The study is available for download_



Our services


Our Business Advisory expertise offers a full range of economic, financial and business advisory services for both public and private organisations, with the benefit of ensuring the legal compliance of all our recommendations. The combination of our Advisory expertise with the legal one allows us to support our clients and their businesses in a secure, integrated and resilient manner.


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What is our vision?

Field experience is key.

We believe that qualitative and practical advisory services cannot be conveyed without prior, in-depth sector and industry experience. Our leading advisors spent a significant part of their careers within public and private organisations in Europe and beyond. By calling upon extensive and diverse industry experience, we are able to address your needs in both a pragmatic and knowledgeable manner.

Decision makers need support

Managing can be a lonely task. Our task is to assist and support managers, CEOs, Board Members or Shareholders in an objective and independent way. We aim to collaborate with you and your organisation as a strategic partner in the decision-making process.

Simplify to create value

We work with companies to address the fundamental causes of organisational complexity by applying a combination of “Decide-Run” cycles, thereby clearing the roadblocks to growth, avoiding redundancies, and allowing you to make and execute decisions faster and more efficiently. ABA’s aim is to detect complexity and design and implement simplification strategies in order to foster the achievement of your organisation’s objectives and performance.


Why work with us?

We believe that providing the right advisory services requires knowledge, experience, legal and financial security, and long-term commitment to you and your organisation.

Our team leverages on extensive field experience combining management consulting, entrepreneurship, organisational leadership and board membership, within multinational companies, start-ups and public-private interactions.

Our expertise guarantees results for a simple fixed fee. We are responsible for the budget proposed and we deliver on our promises regardless of any additional effort we have to provide.

Our responsibility is giving you valuable and practical advice. A relationship based on trust starts with an investment. We take the time to listen to you, to explore your market, to share ideas with you and open new perspectives. Our purpose is to know you in order to provide you with valuable advice. We have a passion for excellence.

We provide a wide and interconnected range of services, including strategic and entrepreneurial support, transaction and valuation services, sustainability analyses, business modelling, crisis negotiation, cost control and performance management. Our methods are designed in Luxembourg based on our field knowledge and on recognized best practices. We operate locally as well as abroad, through Arendt & Medernach’s global network and presence.


Business Advisory included

All our services are “business advisory included” i.e. connecting your challenges to the bigger picture and highlighting key interdependencies:

  • We explore with you: We assess new trends and options and look at your current challenge from a new perspective, leveraging our multidisciplinary, hands-on field experience.
  • We secure our recommendations: We ensure the legal compliance of our recommendations and support our clients and their organisations in a secure, integrated and resilient manner.
  • We optimise processes: We look for continuous improvement cycles using short decision loops. We leverage upon our practical experience and ability to take a helicopter view to anticipate issues and support the optimization of decision-making and implementation processes.
  • We sustain investment: We believe that each effort must deliver sustainable results and each Euro invested has a threefold value and purpose, i.e. growing financials, a stronger organisation and a positive influence on societal challenges.

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