Economic Modeling & Analysis

We provides services in Impact Assessment, Benchmarking, Modeling and Competition Economics

Decision-making is often about building and selecting scenarios with solid hypotheses, comparative data and the best estimated outcomes.

Our economic Modeling team can help you visualise and assess the impact of your decisions in economic terms.  Whether you are an investment fund trying to build a competitive yet investor -friendly remuneration model, or an organisation that would like to compare project opportunities, our experts can help you translate ideas and decisions into numbers which will result in better risk, opportunity and Impact Assessment.

Furthermore, Arendt Business Advisory can provide you with relevant Benchmarks, comparative models and economical patterns to help you achieve a better competitive position for your key products.

Finally, local and European policies and regulations must be taken into account when developing a market position. Our experts can assist you in Competitive Economics matters by securing your business or by assessing the value of damages deriving from a possible abuse of market position.

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Thierry Barré

Thierry Barré is a Director at Arendt Regulatory & Consulting. Thierry has acquired, during his 10 years of industrial experience and 14 years in management consulting, a sound experience in the modelling and optimization of processes (Lean Six Sigma), in public procurement engineering (or how to align functional and technical requirements and market documents in a coherent package) and in the regulatory and organizational frameworks of the Luxembourg’s social security and health organisations. He has also proven experience in mergers and in reorganization of systemic institutions. Thierry is currently the general secretary of the Steering Committee regarding the management of the Covid-19 c...

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