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Because learning happens outside the classroom too, we propose different digital learning solutions.

e-learning ESG:

Launched in December 2020, our training programme on sustainable finance is modular to best fit your learning objective.
It provides insights into the essentials of sustainable finance, the applicable legal and regulatory framework and the current trends. Given the speed of change of sustainable finance environment, we commit to maintain our content every quarter. The language of the modules is English and the duration of the full programme is 2 hours.

The latest update of content dates back to February 2022.

We invite you to visit "e-Learning - The ABC of ESG" for further information.

KYC/ KYT Simulator dedicated to lawyers:

Meeting your KYC and KYT obligations is more than a legal necessity. It is the key decisive element for your business reputation.

This tool targets the audience of lawyers. In this job role, you deal with a number of client files every day. This also means handling a significative AML workload, as part of your intense agendas.

Managing your risks in an efficient and secure manner is a must. But acquiring the necessary knowledge through listening to a conference is not enough.

Therefore, we offer you access to an online learning pack: In the first part, we will guide you through the essentials of KYC and KYT. In part 2, you will get exclusive access to a real-life simulator.

The fees for such an access to the platform are 50 EUR (exc. VAT) per person.

We invite you to visit the "dedicated AML webpage" for further information. 

e-learning - How to recognise market abuse:

For those who must report suspicions of money laundering, market abuse qualifies as a predicate offence. Therefore, recognising market abuse is a key element for complying with prevailing AML/KYC obligations.

Some other actors have obligations to report suspicions of actual or attempted market abuse (STOR) and must ensure that their staff is adequately trained in that respect.

For others, staff awareness of market abuse is a tool for managing reputational risk. This presupposes having at least a basic understanding of prohibited behaviours.

Whatever your situation or your objectives, recognising market abuse is the key.

If you think that understanding market abuse and recognising prohibited behaviour is a challenge, our e-learning tool is made for you.

We invite you to visit the "How to recognise market abuse webpage" for further information. 

other digital solutions:

For any other training topic displayed on our webpage we also have other adequate solutions to match your training requirement. For instance:

  • The agile tool Cisco WebEx Training to provide live online trainings
  • A platform to which we can provide secured access to recordings, training materials and quizzes to test attendees’ understanding

On our “training agenda” you will also find a selection of such live online trainings.
For further information please contact institute@arendt.com

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