Financial sector professional entities, as defined by the law of 5 April, 1993 on the financial sector, vary greatly in their scope and type of activity. We provide both Specialised PFS and Support PFS clients with legal advice that enhances their business, including authorisation and regulatory issues including corporate law, data protection and employment law. We assist all types of PFS in the light of their specific field.

Specialised PFS entities comprise:

  • Registrar agents
  • Professional depositaries of financial instruments
  • Professional depositaries of assets other than financial instruments
  • Operators of a regulated market authorised in Luxembourg
  • Currency exchange dealers
  • Debt recovery
  • Professional entities performing lending operations
  • Professional entities performing securities lending
  • Family offices
  • Mutual savings fund administrators
  • Corporate domiciliation agents
  • Professional entities providing company incorporation and management services

The Support PFS entities we assist comprise:

  • Client communication agents
  • Administrative agents of the financial sector
  • Primary IT systems operators of the financial sector
  • Secondary IT systems and communication networks operators of the financial sector
  • Dematerialisation service providers
  • Conservation service providers

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