Pension Funds

The pan-European pension solution for multinational groups

Luxembourg has long pursued the ambition of positioning itself as a centre for the management and administration of cross-border pension vehicles, in anticipation of the emergence of pan-European pension funds to meet the needs of multinational companies.

A pan-European pension structure offers companies a range of advantages, including greater consistency in the quality of asset management and performance, and the ability to boost performance through securities lending, trailer fees and other commission mechanisms.

In addition, cross-border vehicles offer improved control and oversight of management and administration compared with a range of national pension schemes, reduced transaction costs and asset management fees, easier outsourcing of administrative and other routine tasks, and simplified reporting provided by a single global custodian and administrator.

We provide advice and assistance with:

• Structuring pension funds
• Drafting or review of financial documents
• Employment law-related matters
• Negotiations with investors

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