Executive & Entrepreneurial Support

We provide services in Creation & Growth, Transmissions, Negociation, Shareholder & Board Support and CEO Sparring-partner

Our Business Advisory expertise aims to help CEOs by being a valuable and independent Executive Trusted Advisor - our goal is to inform, assist and if necessary challenge your decisions. We will listen to you without prejudice and provide you with comprehensive support and informed advice when required.

Drawing on the full range of our Competency Areas, we provide cross-functional and multi-sector expertise to guide you through the Creation & Growth of your enterprise, start-up, private or family business: from early reflection and business model implementation to the preparation and reviews of your business plan, the identification of the right financing and deal negotiation, and last but not least, the implementation of a resilient and profitable organisation.

We have a keen understanding of the dynamics and requirements of a family business’ transition management. From Transmissions to third-parties or successions and private wealth management to the implementation of an appropriate governance strategy, we have the tools and experience to help you manage your family business and foster sustainable value in the long term.

We also support your organisation with prompt, independent assistance during all the phases of a deal or contract negotiation, from the preparation, setting up and execution of a Negotiation strategy.

For Executives, we provide wide-ranging Shareholder & Board Support and CEO Sparring-Partner services by delivering strategic insight to board members, key management, creditors and investors in order to quickly reposition your organisation for success. For the board members, CEOs and key executives, we provide expert and independent advice on strategic intents, tactical programmes or specific projects and we can also be part of the Management Committee and support the best decision-making process. As such we can step in to temporarily fill C-suite roles and serve in interim management positions. We can also help you as independent advisors to the Board.