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Despite external challenges and recent outflows, the UCITS fund industry has overall continued its growth trajectory over the past few years. Whilst COVID and the global macroeconomic conditions caused some disruption, these funds have demonstrated continued ability to re-invent themselves and adapt to the pressure caused by global challenges. They have also proven to be a particularly potent vehicle for promoting new trends in ESG investing.

At times like these, where strong uncertainties remain due to high inflation, economic growth concerns and geopolitical factors, what does the UCITS market offer? What are the most recent developments in terms of regulation, cost structures and risk management? How does Luxembourg maintain its leadership position in the UCITS funds industry?

Join our UCITS 2023 Webinar Series to discover the main updates on the UCITS market, together with our subject-matter experts.



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Arendt is the country’s leading business services firm for UCITS, advising 40% of the UCITS market in Luxembourg. Our one-of-a-kind integrated approach gives clients unmatched quality of service and expertise in legal, tax, regulatory, consulting and operational matters. Arendt brings together more than 100 UCITS specialists across our various fields of practice. We work for a wide variety of leading UCITS, offering market insight, know-how and experience that are second to none.

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