Tax Compliance

A pilot through the complex waters of tax compliance

The ultra-competitive nature of the modern business environment, coupled with global changes to corporate taxation principles and practices, are putting decision-makers under increasing pressure to reduce costs, boost efficiency and minimise risks. Amid increasing focus on governance and more intrusive regulation, tax compliance has gained importance as a key element of reducing financial and business risks.

Our tax compliance team offers a comprehensive outsourcing service for the preparation and filing of tax returns in Luxembourg, fully provided within our firm to enable maximum collaboration with our lawyers and tax experts - ensuring access to all relevant information and the opportunity to examine proactive planning ideas.

Our tax compliance service is designed to enable our clients to concentrate on core business issues while our dedicated and highly experienced team deals with direct and indirect tax filing obligations.

Our corporate tax compliance services include:

  • Calculating estimated tax provisions.
  • Analysis of accounts and calculation of tax adjustments.
  • Preparing tax returns and tax balance sheets.
  • Preparing amended tax returns.
  • Calculating estimated tax payments.
  • Filing of returns on behalf of clients.
  • Assisting with the tax authorities’ enquiries regarding tax returns.
  • Review and analysis of assessments issued by the tax authorities.
  • Assisting clients in lodging appeals against tax assessments.
  • Assisting with drafting of correspondence with the tax authorities during audits.
  • Negotiating with the tax authorities.
  • Collaborating on clients' tax planning strategies with internal or external advisors.
  • 'Review only' services for returns prepared internally by a client.

We also offer the following indirect tax compliance services:

  • Analysis of the requirement or benefits to be VAT-registered in Luxembourg.
  • Completion and filing of VAT registration requests (simplified or normal regime) and compiling any required documentation.
  • Follow-up of registration requests with the VAT authorities.
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual VAT returns.
  • Review of VAT returns.
  • Preparation of Intrastat returns and European Sales Lists.
  • Verifying data reporting and reconciliation.
  • Support during audits by the VAT authorities.
  • Liaising and follow-up with the Luxembourg VAT authorities.

We also assist with training staff in compliance responsibilities, including providing internal manuals and handbooks on local requirements. Our expertise includes structured tax planning to minimise liabilities, as well as proactive planning ideas, restructuring and assessing opportunities for improvement, and providing management information tailored to companies’ particular needs.

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