Local business

A trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and their families

As an entrepreneur, you need an experienced close advisor to help deal efficiently with the multitude of often complex legal issues you and your business encounter on a daily basis, ranging from corporate law and environmental regulations to data protection, VAT and dispute resolution.

We can help you with each step in your company’s development: creation, growth, protection and succession, covering all areas of business law.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, and with long experience in advising SMEs, we have a deep understanding of your needs and constraints. That's why we have developed services specifically designed for entrepreneurs' needs, including seminars (Midis de l'Entreprise) and specialised products such as Arendt InHouse and JuriScan.

Local businesses are often family businesses, and here too our aim is to become your trusted advisor. We have extensive expertise in advising entrepreneurs and families on transmission of businesses to the next generation. Our multi-disciplinary private wealth team works to preserve clients’ wealth now and for future generations through wealth structuring from a corporate, real estate, civil law and estate planning perspective, as well as with regard to tax.

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