The burgeoning financial technology sector is being driven by the imperatives of financial inclusion, business efficiency, reduced costs and enhanced customer engagement. It has transformed online and mobile payments, money transfers and foreign exchange, boosted demand for data analytics and financial software, and enabled new lending models such as peer-to-peer platforms and crowdfunding.

We expect to see fintech playing an expanding role in areas including regtech (regulatory technology) and insurtech (insurance technology) as well as automated advice, authentication and cyber-security, wealth management and financial inclusion services, back-office processing and blockchain-based solutions.

At Arendt, we constantly keep our clients updated on the challenges and opportunities fintech presents, balancing the desire for innovation and rapid commercial implementation with the need to comply with the regulatory framework at all times. Our experienced team advises financial institutions including banks, investment firms, payment providers and electronic money businesses on aspects of:

  • Financial services and regulatory issues
  • Legal and regulatory treatment of blockchain
  • Corporate law
  • Tax structuring
  • Investment fund and crypto-currency fund structuring
  • IT, intellectual property, technology, data protection and cyber-security
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Initial coin offerings

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