IFLR Europe ESG Report 2022 – Challenges and practical solutions to sustainable investing in the EU – Nadia Bonnet and Antoine Peter

The EU is implementing a major regulatory reform to ensure that the investment management industry supports the transition to a more sustainable economy, and that sustainability risks are adequately integrated into investment decisions.

Nadia Bonnet of Arendt & Medernach and Antoine Peter of Arendt Regulatory & Consulting describe how the EU is leading the way in sustainable finance and consider the impact of the changes on fund managers.

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I. The regulatory puzzle

   i. Level 1 and Level 2 requirements

   ii. Interplay between the various texts

   iii. Reconciliation of existing approaches and frameworks with the framework

II. Challenges

   i. Lack of data

III. “Where regulatory solutions fail or are too slowly implemented, market initiatives and solutions flourish”

   i. Talent management

   ii. Investor education and expectation management

       a. Education

       b. Expectation

   iii. A fragmented EU market

IV. Flourishing solutions


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